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Protect Your Property with Outdoor Security Cameras

A picture of an outdoor camera with an inset of an activity detection notification at an Omaha home.

Always Know What’s Happening at Home with Smart Surveillance

Video surveillance was once a pricey proposition reserved mostly for commercial establishments and the largest properties. But with today's smart cameras and video systems, staying on top of what’s happening at home is easier than ever. And it’s not just indoors; outdoor security cameras that stand up to the elements can keep an eye on the entire perimeter of your property. Read on to learn more about outdoor video cameras from to keep your home and family safe. 

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Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are a convenient solution for surveilling your entries. Equipped with two-way audio, these doorbells let you communicate with visitors, whether inside your house or away. To avoid having too many notifications, you can set the field of view to monitor only the immediate area of your front door or yard and avoid getting notified of a passerby on the sidewalk or vehicles on the street.'s advanced video analytics make it easy to filter out unimportant events from significant ones, so you'll always be on top of what's happening around your entry doors. 

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras can be used outside to monitor every part of your property. Various models offer wider or more focused fields of view, and some cameras provide pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, which let them zero in on specific motion when detected. Night vision capabilities ensure that you can also record incidents in low-light situations. Outdoor cameras have IP ratings for water intrusions, so they continue to work regardless of the weather. 

Two types of outdoor security cameras are available, wired or wireless. Wireless cameras run on batteries that must be replaced, while wired models typically run on power over ethernet or PoE. With this approach, the data and power come from a single cable that connects to a PoE-capable router or switch, ensuring continued power and a more secure and robust data connection. 

Continuous Recording

What if you want to record continuous footage and search for specific activity? camera systems offer the ability to record video footage locally onto SD cards that can be searched for particular events. You can look for human activity, vehicles, or other events to get a clearer picture of events at your property. 

An Integrated Solution outdoor cameras are part of an integrated smart security solution for your home. They can work with alarm systems, smart locks, lighting, climate control, and other systems to improve your home's security, comfort, and efficiency. You can manage your outdoor cameras and surveillance via intuitive apps on smart devices and touch panels in your home.

At Atronic, we design and install customized and integrated security solutions for homes, businesses, offices, buildings, warehouses, and educational and healthcare facilities. To learn more about how we can protect your home or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atronic today. 

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