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Protecting Your Business with Today’s Smart Surveillance Cameras


AI Offers Proactive Security Measures

Many business owners across the nation are looking for opportunities to increase their security level. While threats have always been apparent, today’s climate has left many businesses facing more than one incident.

Recently, in Omaha, NE, a group of thieves hit multiple car dealerships, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars using a vehicle hauler. In May, two different gas stations were robbed on the same morning. Earlier this year, break-ins at multiple bars occurred. 

No longer sitting idly by, operators are turning to security systems to help prevent theft. Of all the security measures available, surveillance cameras rank as one of the most sought-after. Proactive in nature, today’s cameras are AI-smart, helping protect your property before a security event occurs. 

Let’s explore what these cameras offer and the features that provide the greatest protection.

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Night Vision 

Clear night vision is a critical feature—most burglaries aimed at businesses occur at night or after regular hours. With enhanced resolution and night owl technology, your cameras capture important details. Instead of seeing a green blob or a bright white light, you can clearly see a person’s features almost as if it were daylight. 

Smart Alerts

Not only do you receive alerts when someone attempts to enter your establishment after hours, but you also receive notifications when a person or vehicle behaves suspiciously. This may entail someone lingering too long in an unusual area or a car entering the parking lot after hours. 

Smart alerts keep you or your security team in the know, alerting you to potential trouble and allowing you to take action before theft or injury occurs. You can receive these alerts via text, email, or apps. Thanks to facial and license plate recognition, these smart cameras can even detect people and vehicles of interest that you’ve placed on a watch list.

Share Video Clips Instantly 

If a security event occurs, you can immediately send the video clip to police, administrators, or security personnel. This one action helps reduce the response time when minutes can often make a significant difference.

Internal Monitoring

In addition to deterring criminals, surveillance cameras discourage employees from internal theft. It’s also been shown that these cameras enhance employee production, making them aware that their actions are monitored. 

Remote monitoring lets you access live video feeds from anywhere. Whether on vacation or a business trip, you can look in on your company and know what’s transpiring. Receive an alert when an employee attempts to enter a restricted area and discover which employees are putting in the extra effort.

These cameras also integrate with other security measures, making for powerful protection. From access control to alarms, this comprehensive platform enhances overall security and efficiency.

At Atronic, we’ve been providing state-of-the-art, custom security solutions for over 40 years. To learn more about smart surveillance cameras or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atronic today.

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