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The Power of the Smart Home Alarm


Today’s Smart Home Technology Provides Unprecedented Levels of Home Security

The instinct to protect our homes and loved ones runs deep. In fact, one of the top industries in home automation is security. Combining today’s technical wizardry with home security has enabled homeowners to protect their homes and family in ways once unimaginable.

Home alarms remained somewhat reactive until the smart home alarm entered the scene in the 2010s. Now, they are proactive, taking measures to help keep your assets and your family safe before tragedy strikes. Let’s look at what these security systems offer and how they’re helping homeowners in Kansas City, KS, feel safer and more secure. 

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What Is a Smart Home Alarm? 

A smart home alarm connects to the internet and other smart devices via your home network. This integration allows you to control your alarm, door locks, lighting, surveillance cameras, video doorbells, and more from one easy-to-use interface. 

Your security system can now send you instant notifications via your smartphone or laptop, alerting you to unusual activity. It gives you control of your security system whether you’re at home or across the globe. 

Alerting Homeowners and First Responders

In case of an alarm, your monitoring service can determine if the event warrants first responder notification: whether law enforcement, the fire department, or emergency medical services. Events that trigger an alarm may include smoke and fire detection or an attempted break-in.

The system can also send an alert when environmental sensors detect water or temperature changes. These changes can occur for many reasons, such as a broken water pipe or a failing HVAC system.

More Than an Alarm

Today’s smart home alarms are used for more than intruder and fire detection. They can also alert you when your children come home from school or if a window is left open or a door unlocked. 

With sensors placed in strategic locations, it can even detect movement in places like medicine or liquor cabinets or at the top of stairs, alerting you to take quick action if your toddler has gained access to a dangerous or restricted area.

AI Technology

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), your system learns as it watches over you, recognizing patterns as well as activity that is out of the ordinary. For example, it will alert you when unexpected activity occurs, like when the back door opens at 5:00 on a Sunday morning.

Total Integration

With an integrated system, you can receive notifications when someone leaves home without securing it. One-touch on your smartphone app locks the door and arms the alarm. 

When integrated with your security or video doorbell cameras, you can access the live feed from the same app. See and talk to visitors when they arrive at your door and greet your kids when they get home from school. 

At Atronic, we've protected homes and businesses throughout Kansas City and the surrounding areas for 40 years. Today, we integrate the latest smart home technologies with home security systems to offer our clients unprecedented levels of security and home management. 

To accomplish this level of protection and convenience, we partner with innovative brands that offer best-in-class performance, such as, DMP, Honeywell, and Control4. To learn more about smart home automation and security systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atronic today. 

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