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    Want to learn more about security camera installation, life safety and home automation solutions for your home or business in Springfield, MO and the Kansas City metroplex? Discover what's going on in the industry by checking out our informative articles.

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Gain Complete Coverage with a Professionally Installed Security System

Retail mall environment with people walking by stores under the watchful eye of security systems.

Discover How You Can Protect People and Prevent Theft on Your Commercial Property 

Running a successful business requires attention to detail, from accounting and supply chain issues to planning expansion and growth. If you find yourself looking online for a security company near me, you already know that continued success relies on keeping your property and personnel secure and safe.

A commercial-grade security alarm system provides a professionally installed and maintained network of cameras, sensors, and remote monitoring. As the premier security integrator for the Kansas City, KS, area, we work to protect our neighbors and the region's economic stability. 

Are you ready to get peace of mind with comprehensive protection for your company and personnel? Continue reading to learn more. 

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Deter and Defuse Threats

The workplace faces many threats, from theft of products and accidents to outbreaks of violence. While security staff and company outreach programs can minimize these issues, keeping tabs and using proactive technology give you the power to deter, defuse, and document.  

Control Access

Managing who has access to your building or individual offices is the first line of defense. Advanced entry control systems allow you to track and approve individuals automatically. 

The IT-friendly dashboard enables quick changes, giving managers and administrators the flexibility to remove or add employees with a few mouse clicks. 

Surveillance Equals Safety

Monitoring the activities on your shop floor is essential in mitigating and minimizing disruptions and damage. Surveillance cameras in the shipping department, building exteriors, and entryways help you spot incidents as they occur. Advanced systems with AI tools can also spot potentially dangerous actions before they unfold.

Everything from Anywhere

While you could install all the apps and be the central person for all security notifications, the daily interruptions and the need to determine their urgency would consume your day.

A remote monitoring service adds a team of dedicated agents who review alerts, archive content, and guide authorities via live stream when needed. Using camera systems and advanced sensors, the off-site human operators look over every notification, distinguishing between actionable offenses and false alarms. 

Fire Prevention

Fire causes the most devastating damage to your operations. Recovering from theft, vandalism, and other disruptions can take days to a few weeks; fire may take months or put you out of business for good.

Early detection is critical, as most fires either smolder for days before erupting or are set on purpose. Utilizing a combination of thermal, ionization, and photoelectric systems ensure you can stop the destruction before it causes harm. 

Customized to You 

Working with Atronic gets you more than cookie-cutter solutions. We perform a thorough risk assessment of your properties and operational needs before any sales or suggestions. 

Are you ready for a safer workplace while saving on insurance costs? Talk to our expert team for a consultation by calling (913) 362-0000 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to working with you. 

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