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The Best Business Security System for Your Company


Explore the Various Aspects of Commercial Security

Considering the best business security system for your company can feel overwhelming. Do you start with security cameras and video surveillance, or would an access control system better serve your unique needs? Perhaps you should jump in with an integrated system that provides the best protection for your property, staff, and customers.

It's a lot to consider, and that's where Atronic comes in. With over 40 years of experience protecting businesses in Wichita, KS, we are uniquely qualified to provide a security system tailored to your exact needs, one that grows with you as your needs change.

Let's explore some of the possibilities.

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A Commercial Security System

Commercial security solutions are designed to protect against theft, environmental damage, and vandalism. They may incorporate security cameras, alarms, access control, and environmental monitors. Today's systems also provide instant notifications. You'll know immediately if someone attempts a break-in or an unknown vehicle pulls into the parking lot after hours. 

Our security experts will perform a site survey to determine your most vulnerable areas and the security solution that offers the best protection while staying within budget. 

Video Surveillance

Many business owners look to video surveillance to give them eyes on their property at all times. Today's security cameras offer advanced analytics with AI learning, which means they become even better at protecting what matters most the longer they're on the job. These cameras can detect suspicious behavior, send alerts when people enter restricted areas, and enable license plate and facial recognition.

Statistics show that having a security camera on the premises can reduce the risk of theft or vandalism by half. Unfortunately, it's estimated that employee theft is also an important consideration. For this reason, many companies also opt for internal cameras to monitor staff, vendors, and visitors.

Access Control

An access control system offers the first line of defense, protecting staff and assets from anyone who would intend harm. Additionally, these systems enable you to see when employees and visitors arrive and leave. 

From the same dashboard where you view live surveillance footage, you and your administrators can grant or deny access, lock and unlock doors, and receive alerts if someone tries to enter an area they're not cleared for. Custom schedules can also limit access hours.

Intrusion Detection

Using glass-break sensors, motion detectors, and magnetic contacts, our security experts create a comprehensive intrusion detection system that sends immediate alerts if unauthorized personnel attempt to enter your facilities. Depending on your property, this may also include perimeter detection. 

Environmental Detection

Commercial security systems also protect against natural disasters. State-of-the-art fire, carbon monoxide, and water detectors alert you at the first sign of smoke, poisonous gasses, or excessive moisture. They also send immediate notification to staff, alerting them of potential danger.

Are you ready to enhance your business's security? At Atronic, we're here to help. To learn more about the best business security system for your company or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atronic today.

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