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Burglar Alarm Monitoring: Another Advanced Smart Home Technology

A video surveillance camera watching over a home.

Make Your Home Smart and Safer with a Premium Smart Security Solution

One of a homeowner’s biggest fears is a burglar breaking into their home. It’s an invasion of privacy and can result in stolen items, property damage, and occasionally threaten your family's safety. You’ll want to take every precaution to prevent home invasion, and the best way to do that is to install an advanced security solution in your home.

Many security systems include features that allow for burglar alarm monitoring. In addition, real-time alerts, surveillance, and integration can be crucial in protecting your home. Keep reading to see how a security system can help protect your Springfield, MO, home from break-ins. 

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Receive Real-Time Alerts

When the safety of your home is threatened, you need to know at once! A smart security system will alert you immediately when an alarm is tripped, a door is left unlocked, or someone rings your doorbell. And if your door is unlocked, you can lock it remotely by tapping an icon on your tablet or phone. If someone is at the door, speak to whoever it is via intercom and video. Then, you can decide whether to unlock the door or arm your home. When the alarm goes off, either dismiss it in the case of a false alarm or contact the authorities.

24/7 Surveillance

A home security system is bolstered by a few security video cameras placed strategically around your property. These cameras keep an eye on your home 24/7 and send you alerts if they detect suspicious activity. Plus, you can tap into the video stream from your phone or touchscreen device to watch your cameras in real-time.

If something ever happens on your property, scroll back through the video feed to send proof of trespassing or damage to the appropriate authorities or your insurance company.

Integration with Your Entire Smart Home

Your smart security system can be a part of your entire smart home ecosystem, easily controllable through your home automation platform. This makes control even easier since you can lock your door and control your lights all from one dashboard. But did you know it also works with your other smart technologies?

For instance, program your landscape lights to come on when they detect motion, which might scare away trespassers. Likewise, you can incorporate sound into your security system to alert you to a threat and frighten away intruders.

Homes are typically targeted for invasion when they appear empty, like when a family goes on vacation. So, program your lights and motorized shades to turn on and off or open and close throughout the day at random times. It’ll make your home appear like someone is there, even when it’s not.

Are you ready to enhance your Springfield, MO, home’s security by installing a smart security system with burglar alarm monitoring? Contact Atronic to learn more about the security solutions available to you and how they can protect your home.

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