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Two firefighters in full gear and breathing tanks holding a hose are viewed from behind with a large fire in front of them.


Fire poses the single greatest threat to the survival of a business or commercial property; the damage done is often complete and devastating. While never desired with burglary vandalism, inventory can be repaired or replaced relatively quickly, within days. A fire, on the other hand, can consume everything you worked years to develop and foster in a matter of moments, taking you months to get going again. 

According to the Buffalo University research paper Total Cost of Fire in the United States, fire damage substantially impacts businesses and the national economy. The report states, for example, that the net loss as of 2017 is $328.5 billion. To avoid a total loss and save lives, you need a fire the reliability of a professional fire alarm system installation

Are you interested in a complete fire safety system for your Omaha, NE business? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), some of the most common causes of fire in commercial buildings are cooking equipment, heating devices, electrical, lighting, and intentional fire setting. By installing complementary and overlapping tools and sensors, you can be alerted to trouble sooner, minimizing damage and loss of business. 

In unprotected spaces, a fire can smolder for hours or weeks before erupting from its starting point. Without sure signs of trouble, it is challenging to catch sources like in-wall electrical issues or that pile of cleaning rags causing a chemical reaction. As a result, many cities and state regulations require installing two sensor types, heat and smoke, to maximize detection and provide time to warn occupants. 


When a sign of fire is detected, you need to get everyone to safety; the expediency with which people react to alerts and notifications correlates directly to lives saved. Once an issue is detected, audible alarms and strobes provide sonic and visual indications. In addition, lighting systems tied to the fire safety controllers are set to full brightness, and pre-recorded audio directs staff and clients to the nearest exits. 

Access controls typically offer safety measures, but in the case of a fire, any impediment could cause bottlenecks and delays. Building automation triggered by alerts disables entryway management, opening locks and lifting gates, allowing people to get to safety much faster. 


Atronic is the expert in securing your business and its assets. Our team of certified designers and installers assists in meeting all local codes while protecting your most valuable assets. Are you ready to make the step to better fire safety? Call us at (402) 895-1800 or fill out our contact form to get the conversation started. 

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