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How to Protect Your Company from External and Internal Threats


The Latest Commercial Alarm Systems Integrate Access Control and Intruder Detection 

The primary purpose of commercial alarm systems is to protect staff, clients, assets, and property. Many people think of an alarm as a device that protects an establishment from intruders, burglars, and other external threats. However, advanced alarms also protect against internal threats such as fire, smoke, carbon monoxide poisoning, water damage, and workplace theft. 

Achieving the highest level of protection requires integrated security and a system where all parts communicate with each other. At Atronic, we use the latest technology to deliver the highest level of safety. Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) is one of our partners, a locally-owned and operated brand that has achieved a global presence. It's one of the brands we turn to when providing our clients with best-in-class security measures.

Let’s explore how DMP and Atronic secure businesses in Lenexa, KS.

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Multi-Function Panels

DMP’s multi-function panels provide protection from burglary, intrusion, and fire, as well as access control. It’s rare to find a solution that brings all of these features together in one integrated system, making it simpler and more efficient to operate. In addition, the intuitive, user-friendly platform makes it easy to manage your facilities, from one to multiple locations. 

DMP’s virtual keypad also allows operators to check in and control the security system by logging into the app from their tablet or laptop. Inactivate a discharged employee's access; check in with a live security camera feed; control the lights, locks, and thermostats; and arm or disarm the alarm from anywhere in the world.

The open-architecture approach also ensures compatibility with numerous other security products, such as Hikvision and Hanwha security cameras, HID access control systems, and OpenEye cloud-managed surveillance solutions. 

Network communication to the Central Monitoring Station is free with all DMP products, which means 24/7 protection.

Reducing False Alarms

False alarms are a nightmare for law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel. They waste valuable time and can keep first responders away from real emergencies. They are also frustrating for business owners who may find themselves at their business at 2 a.m. facing not-so-happy local police.

DMP is committed to reducing false alarms with several features. One of these is their cancel-and-verify feature, which gives operators the option to cancel an alarm by entering a code that sends a false alarm signal to local authorities. Additionally, if an alarm sounds after a system was recently armed, the Central Monitoring Station will contact the business operator before contacting authorities in case a door was left unsecured.

The Heart of DMP

At Atronic, we like to work with local companies whenever possible and feel fortunate that Springfield-based DMP is in our own backyard. The company launched Project 100 in 2019, bringing in $112 million in donations and volunteer hours by 2021. 

The money went to nonprofits that included Convoy of Hope and Council of Churches of the Ozarks, Beat Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, and Care to Learn. That’s a company we can certainly be proud to call our partners. 

To learn more about commercial alarm and security systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atronic today. 

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